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    • The IMMORTAL project is developing exceptionally durable and high power density Membrane Electrode Asemblies (MEAs) well beyond the current state of the art up to Technology Readiness Level 4. This will be achieved by building on understanding of fuel cell degradation pathways specific to heavy-duty truck operation and developing lifetime prediction models from extensive real-life stack operation, accelerated stress test and load profile cycles on short stacks. IMMORTAL encompasses Original Equipment Manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and leading industrial and academic/research organisation partners with extensive experience in fuel cell science and technology.


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    • NEWSLETTER #1 - October 2022
      IMMORTAL has the overall aim of developing exceptionally durable and high efficiency membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) specific to heavy-duty trucks with designs satisfying the operational (beginning of life power density of 1.2 W/cm2 at 0.675 V) and durability (30,000 hours) targets of the call. IMMORTAL began in the middle of the delta-covid wave in January 2021 that, as for everywhere in Europe during this time, restricted on-site working and closed some laboratories. Despite this, IMMORTAL has made excellent progress throughout its various work packages ...



    • NEWSLETTER #2 - May 2023
      Not Yet immmortal … but approaching, thanks to the latest generation of reinforced membrane and catalyst layer developments with increased stability and improved fuel cell durability when subjected to exacting accelerated stress test protocols. A star highlight of recent months is that IMMORTAL's first heavy-duty specific membrane electrode assembly, already produced at a total active area of 20 m2, reaches Europe's 2024 performance target for heavy-duty trucks. The work ahead is to achieve that performance target – and improve on it – with even lower catalyst loading, and to reduce the voltage loss with time induced by load profile testing. ...



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